King of Kings

King of Kings - Day Zero

Official White Paper, last updated May 10th, 2022

King of Kings

The kings had a long history. 77,000 years to be exact. That didn't stop them from taking the whole species to near extinction though. As their power kept growing -their wars kept being more and more destructive. They all had one goal in mind, and one goal only. They wanted to rule all other kings in the universe. They were all fully occupied with the conquest, so much so, that they forgot to listen to the rumbles of the universe.
One day everything changed.

Day Zero

The battle was like every other previous battles - except for two things. The first was devastating enough. In a push to defend his throne - the King of Kings fell on the battlefield. The one that had fought and won so many battles, now took his last breath. As his crown fell on the ground and the energy field around it yielded down - it happened. There was a deep rumble. It felt like an earthquake. It started slow, but kept picking up its power. The rumble kept growing. It kept getting stronger. The lions felt it in their bones. It was as if the bones did no longer want to stay joint together. Everything was shaking. The sound now made most of the warriors kneel to the ground while trying to cover their ears. It was picking up pace and power. In a roar that was heard and felt half way across the universe, a massive crack in the cosmic background energy was created. This was later named "day zero". The gamma ray wave started thrashing through the universe. It wiped out everything on its path. It didn't make a distinction between warriors and innocent inhabitants of the islands. It wiped out everything it touched. That nanosecond, 80 percent of all life in the universe was wiped out completely. "Day Zero" kicked off 325 years of struggle for the kings. They had almost wiped out themselves. They had not listened to the universe. They had grown too powerful and too arrogant. Wanting nothing more than to mount the throne of the "King of Kings". Changes had to be made. After years of delegations and negotiations - the "Cosmic Constitution" was born. In this they laid down the rules of any future engagement between Kings. The constitution said that it was no longer permitted to use any form of force, energy or otherwise, that could wipe out any form of life in the universe. The fundamental rules of war were for ever changed. Now kings were to focus on keeping the balance of the universe in place. They had to make sure the universe was healthy at all levels. To win power from other kings, they had to engage in a new battle-arena named "Starfall".

The Starfall

Starfall is an augmented battleground. The Kings now had to rely on special "Warlords" to engage in augmented battles for them.
These warlords needed to use the physical islands resources to breed, train and equip their warriors in the augmented world. The only way physical resources could be transferred into the augmented world was through the center islands orb.
The orbs' strong energy was used to forge the resources into the cosmic background energy and repair the damage done on "Day Zero", and in return the warlords would get augmented resources to breed, train and equip their warriors.

The Celestial Council

To ensure that the king could be crowned "King of Kings" - he needed the full support of the Celestial Council. Obtaining this support would require that he was:
1. Able to balance out his resources
2. Make his people happy
3. Secure a stable economy through conquest using his Warlords
4. Make offerings to the "Celestial Council" in a magnitude that showed his complete dedication
And Last
5. Unite the "Kings" in repairing the Cosmic Crack

The end is the beginning

In the end, the arrogant Kings became enslaved into doing the hard work for the greater good of the Universe. Doing so, would make an end to the arrogance and through this noble work they would carve out a culture that would secure the safety of all for eternity.


King of Kings is a mobile-first, mixed strategy game and rich NFT player-to-player market built on Binance. Players earn their way through levels across a dynamic universe with an unlimited number of Lions and race their way towards being crowned the King of Kings. King of Kings economy is player-owned, where users truly have all the power to seamlessly buy, sell, or trade any resources or assets earned through playing.
King of Kings aims to leverage several emerging technologies to provide a unique player and community experience unlike anything else seen in the industry. Users are incentivized not only to perform actions in the game, but also to be active participants in the community; the ultimate goal being that the entire ecosystem will eventually be governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) through a multivariate representative governance system. Rules will be determined by organization members based on multiple factors such as $KRWN ownership, and their activity in the game and community.
This will culminate in a true top-to-bottom, player-owned ecosystem where stakeholders not only have full control over their assets, but also have a say in proposing the future developments and progression of the game’s direction.
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